Efficient surveillance of high-risk spots saves you time and money. Take advantage of the advanced security technologies of the shared centre for remote surveillance for a swift and efficient reaction to security threats and for eliminating losses.

The concept flexibly combines direct guarding, remote surveillance and image analysis via intelligent CCTVs into one functional process.

It is a very effective form of protection that condenses intelligence from several sources, and at the same time, conserves your funds, thanks to the shared model of remote surveillance.

The concept benefits from an already existing infrastructure of intelligent CCTVs and software lay-out. It is not therefore just a mere recording of a secured perimeter, but also an execution of all necessary reactions to a situation which is being monitored by a surveillance centre operator.

The reactions can vary. From sending messages and activating the alarm all the way to more sophisticated actions based on an automatically produced analysis of various situations, such as a jammed car park, suspicious behaviour, repeating events, monitoring of the goods, etc.

Detection of inactive and removed objects

Detection of non-standard behaviour in an object

Detection and counting of people

Detection of trajectory, speed, vector and colour of objects

Checking of entrances and entryways of cars into areas not accessible to public via virtual lines

Optical detection of the objects’ flow

Intelligent image analysis