Camera detection of people with viral infections - Elevated temperature is a primary indicator of viral diseases such as influenza or covid-19. At the same time, this is the easiest way to scan a large number of people at once, even when they are in motion. It is a non-contact measurement in which a special camera, supplemented by sophisticated software, automatically analyzes passers-by, evaluates their temperature and draws attention to abnormalities.

Measuring the temperature of people finds perfect application especially in places with a high volume of traffic of people passing to other common areas, such as shops, commercial premises, waiting rooms, restaurants, gatehouses, offices, etc. The aim of the technology is to detect persons who are potentially dangerous to health in a quick and non-contact form and to prevent them from entering other parts of the building.

Thermal screening is one of the measures leading to the detection of people who are a source of viral infection. The involvement of technology in the system of object protection leads not only to the prevention of economic losses, but also actively helps to effectively stop the spread of the viral infection.



Professional solution for temperature screening of people

The camera is specially designed not only for the detection of high human body temperature but also allows the detection of people (face recognition). It is a complex, intelligent system that can be integrated over existing conventional camera systems. For example, the system recognizes whether a person has a mask on their face, can register a person and process pre-configured events online or trigger alarms.

The camera itself is a sophisticated device that has two lenses, the first operatingin the invisible spectrum of the human eye and the second operating in the normally visible spectrum of light, and the image is usable for further evaluation of a person’s movement.

High measurement accuracy for many people at once

Homologation for measuring persons

Measurement accuracy 0.1 °C

Sophisticated software and hardware

Separate operating environment / remote monitoring


An affordable solution for temperature screening

The THERMAL camera is a single-purpose camera which, thanks to a special software, immediately evaluates the temperature of a person moving in a defined area. It indicates high temperature directly in the image.

For other measures, especially the identification of a specific person, the work of the operator or other persons is necessary. The camera offers an affordable solution for temperature screening and control of the entry of potentially ill people into the building.

Measurement accuracy in the range of 0.5 °C

Special software with immediate detection

The camera guarantees a spectral temperature difference


Recommended for wide use in various types of operations:
office centres, manufacturing and operating companies, health centres, hospitals, government institutions, schools, etc.

Fast, efficient and non-contact measurement of immediate body temperature. Simple operation for all users, just go through the thermal frame.

It significantly reduces the likelihood that employees will be at risk of becoming infected with infectious diseases. Significantly high measurement efficiency ensures passableness of entry in situations and in places with a high number of people. An advanced IR sensor and a non-contact procedure guarantee high efficiency and safety for the persons being checked. Rapid check of persons significantly reduces the risk of spreading a virus and bacteria by air-borne infection.

Non-contact measurement of the temperature of the face or wrist of a controlled person with an IR sensor

High measurement accuracy, maximum deviation 0.1–0.3 °C

High efficiency includes up to 70 people/min

Clear LED display with reading of the measured temperature value

Audible signal when high temperature above the specified limit is detected

Keeping records of the number of checked persons and alarms caused by high temperature


A simple solution for screening the temperature of people in various types of operations: office centres, railway stations, health centres, hospitals, state institutions, schools, etc.

The intelligent stand detects the temperature of the human body without contactby moving the face closer from a distance of 0.2–3 m. It uses infrared temperature measurement, which is immediately shown on the display and also automatically announced by voice.

If the temperature is measured above 37 °C, it emits an audible alarm and a light signal, according to the system settings. Thermal stands can be equipped with a hand sanitizer dispenser for use by the person being measured.

Non-contact temperature measurement at a distance of 0.2–3 m from the sensor

Hand sanitizer for use by the person checked

Audible and visual signal when high temperature above the specified limit is detected

Visual and voice announcement of the value of the actually measured temperature

Measuring up to 70 people/minute

Measurement accuracy +/- 0.3 °C

Easy portability and maintenance of the device


Available temperature detection of people and protection against infections

The terminal uses the latest algorithm to recognize a face with a mask, surgical mask, respirator, or other protection of the mouth from the production of air-borne infection. Temperature detection and measurement takes place within a few seconds with high accuracy and without physical contact. It emits an audible alarm when the temperature above 37 °C is measured.

Measuring the temperature of people is used especially in places with the passage of many people to other common areas such as shops and business premises, waiting rooms, restaurants, receptions, offices, etc. The goal of the technology is to detect, quickly and in a non-contact manner, people who are potentially dangerous in terms of health and thus prevent them from entering other parts of the building.

Distance for measuring body temperature 0.5 m

Measures the temperature of people with a height from 1.2 to 2.2 m

Measuring angle of the temperature sensor is -307 +30° horizontally

Temperature measurement accuracy is ± 0.5 °C

High speed recognition of temperature, face, QR code, ID card

Local storage of up to 100,000 face photos and recordings

Support for offline deployment, the possibility of online transfer to a cloud

Possible user interface configuration

Possible to enter your own company name in the user database