We design and install systems and methods for preventing and eliminating risks linked with various cybernetic and otherwise technologically advanced criminal activities. The technological branch’s workflow consists of a thorough analysis, a proposal for technical solution, integration, economics and effectiveness of the solution, functional testing, including a regular revision of installed technology.

Fire Alarm System (FAS)

Alarm and safety distress systems (ASDS)

Attendance and access systems (AAS)


Automated control of consumption of energy, air-conditioning, heating, etc (MaR)

Computer networks and data communications (LAN)

Closed circuit television (CCTV)


Perimeter security (PER)

Automated gatehouses

Telecommunication technologies and other systems

Intelligent house

We provide

Analysis of the client’s needs and a personal consultation

Thorough specification of the implementation, price calculation and implementing project

Consultation and proposal for linking with other already installed systems

Complete installation of electrical devices

Solution for the low-current wirings of buildings

Determination of the current condition and evaluation of high-risk spots

Proposal for the optimal solution with regards to future development and modernization