They work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in manual and in automatic mode alike.. Have your object entirely under control. Thanks to the advanced video-analytical functions of the system, you will automatically and in time know about any security threats in all your objects.
They can be used in diversely large interiors and exteriors. Their purpose is not only preventing crimes and helping to catch the perpetrator, but also providing a very specific video-analysis that allows us to evaluate and assess the situation.

Innovative technology of CCTVs directly includes demanding software solutions and processes on a high level of intelligence. Together with suitable cameras, our software can identify licence plates, faces, non-standard and repeating behaviour and many other parameters.

AHD CCTVs – analogue broadcast in high definition (HD)

Digital CCTVs – maximum resolution in accord with the throughput of the data network

Intelligent CCTVs – advanced solution for video-analysis

Multi-object CCTVs – perfectly detailed image

Thermal imaging cameras – technological processes and special solutions

Moving TUB cameras – robust solution for a complete surveillance

Wide range of utilization

Retail shops






Special solution

Moving tub cameras (Area coverage of 360 degrees, Optical zoom, Speed of up to 6m/s, Intuitive controls)

Videodetecting systems (Parking and transport control, Monitoring of objects moving at high speeds, Attendance systém)

Automatic surveillance systems (Surveillance of up to 60 targets at once, Face detection, Function – perimeter protection, Minimal handling)